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RE: Don't waste your time creating your own product (seriously!)

Dear Professional Marketer,

How would you to like own a STRING of Internet Businesses, each generating THOUSANDS of dollars in revenue for you - every single month - even as you work on your next business venture, laze around or spend your time anyhow you like?

And how would you fancy doing this WITHOUT having to commit your precious time and effort in creating your own collection of products?

Let's Face It... Product Creation Sucks!

Ask yourself: if you can somehow skip this boring chore RIGHT NOW, how fast do you think you will make your first dollar in profit?

How much money do you think you could have saved if this lengthy process can be avoided somewhat?

There is a way and if you make a few clever tweaks to your approach, you can quickly and easily DOUBLE or even TRIPLE your profits with just a tiny fraction of the hard effort you normally put in.

My name is Edmund Loh. I have been marketing online since 2005. Today, I own and operate a series of growing Internet Businesses, most of which originated from Resell Rights and Private Label Content.

I have also produced HUNDREDS of hot selling Private Label Rights titles for THOUSANDS of Internet Marketers and Entrepreneurs from around the world.

When I am not in the Private Label Rights business, I make a comfortable living from Affiliate Programs and selling products which I don't even have to create from scratch.

And when I'm not at the computer, I'm gymming, traveling, meeting new people, and indulge in some extreme sports.

What Will You Do If Money Is Not A Problem Today?


Now I Am Going To Put My Money Where My Mouth Is...

Here's a combined screenshot of the sales history taken from my PayPal account from April through July 2006, most of which I made from Resell Rights Marketing.

PayPal Screenshots - Apr - July 2006

This was several years ago.

So what about the later years?

Proof - more proof!

Hmmm, not too shabby me thinks. ;-)

Regardless of the amount, notice that I have been making money consistently throughout the years. This goes to show that if you stick to timeless marketing principles and sell solid products in evergreen niches, your income can be perpetual and ongoing.


And Here's Something Else You Should Know About Me.

I had ZERO business experience prior to joining the Internet Marketing scene (surprise, surprise). In fact, I had only one full year of job experience to boot... as an office boy, as if that helped at all.

After another full year of groping in the dark and stumbling into bumps and roadblocks, I finally cracked the code to Resell Rights riches. It was not without trial and error, of course.

But my reward came in the form of being able to run several Internet Businesses - ALONE. I don't have full-time staffs on my payroll because I outsource to freelancers as and when I need to. My monthly operation cost can be as low as hundreds of dollars.

To this day, I work from my home office. Sure, I have what it takes to start a conventional office - but why would I? When I can work anytime I want... or anywhere I want! (Though I prefer not to take my laptop with me on my travels)

Enough about me. Let's roll on with the good stuff in store for you, shall we?


So What's The Secret?

Making money online isn't really hard when you get down to the mechanics. If you want to sell your own product, here are the steps:

Step 1. Locate the demand.

Step 2. Create the product.

Step 3. Setup your website.

Step 4. Start making money!

I think we can agree that Step 4 is the most exciting part . . . but the first 3 steps? What a drag!

The first 3 steps are not only the most time consuming part, it is also the least profitable part. Creating your own product can take anywhere from days to weeks or even months... and until you are done, you won't see a cent in profit!

And What If You Are An Affiliate Marketer?

Even affiliate marketing is growing competitive these days. You will notice that the affiliate with the most bonuses to offer, or has the most content to drive traffic through his link will have a significant advantage over others.

This is firmly why I believe that in the information business, content is king.

As both a reseller and product creator, I know this to be true... which is one of the main reasons why I began the Resell Rights Mastery library!

So you can leverage on the collection of digital products that I have been buying, collecting, and creating over the years.

Resell for 100% profits and keep all the sales!

Save enormous amount of time, effort and energy from creating your own content (which is best spent on better things to do like marketing and making a name for yourself)

Craft your own unique bonuses for your customers so they will choose buy through your affiliate link instead of your competitors

Set up and sell as many products as you want and create multiple streams of income

No longer worry about where to find content for your blog posts and social media activity!


And I Believe You Can Make Great Money Online

Regardless of how long or short you have been in the Internet Marketing scene. I started becoming widely recognized by other top-class Internet Entrepreneurs and off-line marketers only after 18 months of marketing online.

Whether you had any previous experience & expertise or not. My first and last full time job had absolutely NOTHING to do with sales and marketing, and prior to being involved in Internet Marketing, I had no more than basic computer skills.

And it certainly doesn't matter how old or young you are too!

Now It's YOUR Turn To Join The Ranks Of World Class Internet Marketers!

Are you ready?


Resell Rights Mastery Enterprise

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Constantly Adding Resell Rights Library!

Private Label Rights

Cutting-Edge, Sophisticated Cover Photoshop Action Scripts!


Copy and Paste Graphics

Check out some of the other membership passes you will receive on top of your access to Resell Rights Mastery: Enterprise:

So WHO Benefits The Most From This Membership?

YOU... if you are always on the hunt for the latest products to resell and pocket all the profits - no profit-sharing involved!

YOU... if you want to skip the product development stage by acquiring your own instant TOP quality products which you can edit and call your own literally!

YOU... if you want to get the most bang for your buck and join as many membership sites for a one-time fee!


Over 40,000 Members Can't Be Wrong!

Listen to what some of my long time members have to say about Resell Rights Mastery:

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Now Let's Make A Quick Wrap Up:

As an Enterprise Member of Resell Rights Mastery, you get:

RRM: Enterprise Components
Constantly Adding Resell Rights Library
+ $250/month
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Exclusive Membership Passes


But I Have NO Intention Of Charging You That Today.

(Not By A Long Shot!)

Granted that it would certainly be more costly not only in terms of money but also time and effort commodity as well, if you were to attempt to shoot in the dark (and a genius once said that "guessing is the least smartest thing to do").

If you shop around and manage to find anything similar to this membership package (if any at all), chances are you'll see them with exorbitant price tags anywhere from $497 to even a whopping $997!

(I have reasons to believe that the contents and Internet Marketing solutions at Resell Rights Mastery is worth a WHOLE LOT more.)

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

So if I said that you can secure your INSTANT access to the entire membership site in the next mouseclick for just $297.00 per month, I'm sure you would agree with me that this is more than a fair deal.

Don't Forget... New Products Are Being Added Regularly!

And if you do, then you're going to be pleasantly surprised. Because it won't cost you anywhere near that. Not at all.

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

As a matter of fact, if you can get your membership access at only $197 per month you'd be getting quite a bargain.

Especially when you consider the amount of time, money and effort invested into putting together the *ultimate* Resell Rights membership, it would've cost you tens of thousands of dollars in product creation, getting started (and making mistakes) before you taste your first success online.

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

I am guessing your curiosity is getting the best out of you. :)


"Okay, Heads Up!"

Grab Full Access To Resell Rights Mastery For $497.00 Only $197 - ONE-TIME!

For this one-time fee, you can get:

The amount of Resell Rights products you can download on a regular basis without having to pay extra!

The Private Label Rights goodies you don't have to invest anywhere near a hundred dollars per pop!

An INFINITE amount of E-Covers produced almost instantly on the FLY and save at least $97 for each and every one of them in professional graphic designing fees!

The exclusive membership passes you don't have to invest further,

The websites you can spawn for multiple income streams,

And You Get All These Without Having To Shell Out A Cent Extra - Every Single Month!

At this price, it's no longer a bargain but. . .

. . . One Heck Of A Steal!

No monthly charges whatsoever. And on top of everything you're already getting...


SUPER BONUS: Instant Income Opportunity With Our "Members Only" Affiliate Program!

Your Enterprise membership privilege automatically entitles you to benefit from one of Resell Rights Mastery's instant income opportunity centers where you can:

1. Give away Lifetime Gold Membership access (valued at $197) - give away to your customers, subscribers and friends as a bonus gift!

2. Earn a whopping 50% 75% commissions for every member you refer who upgrades their membership access - to any of the three paid levels at Resell Rights Mastery!

Commission Plan

For every member who upgrades / purchases to:

  • Elite Artist Club - you earn up to $50.25 per sale!
  • Platinum level - you earn up to $72.75 per sale!
  • Enterprise version - you earn up to $147.75 per sale!

All the marketing materials are provided in the affiliate center and I will be doing all the work maintaining the site PLUS this is a TOP quality bonus incentive you can throw into your next product launch or massive promotion!

At this point, you really don't have to give it much thought anymore (just don't pass out on me). I'm giving you the keys to my private vault - the same vault that I have used to build many of my hot selling products. This is the only other place I would keep my huge stash of resellable products and wealth-building materials.

If this can't make you turn your head, I don't know what will.

For the record, Resell Rights Mastery has served tens of thousands of resell rights and Internet Marketers from around the world since 2006. And still is to this day.

To show you how confident I am in what Resell Rights Mastery can contribute to your Internet Marketing success (and how serious I am about it too), here is what I will do for you.




Act Now And Secure Your Enterprise Access To Resell Rights Mastery!


Yes, Edmund! Please Give Me ENTERPRISE Access To Your Membership Site! I Want To Have The Same Tools And Downloads You Are Using To Rake In A Fortune Online!

I understand that I will be getting the following:

  • Constantly Adding Resell Rights & Private Label Rights products on a monthly basis,

  • Cutting-Edged Beginner Reseller Strategies - step-by-step videos and manuscripts on how to profit from Resell Rights not found anywhere else,

  • RRM Elite Artist Club - the same 'system' you use to spawn UNLIMITED professional 3D E-Covers and minisite graphics,

  • Exclusive Membership Passes to other websites,

I will also be getting your Enterprise Bonus Perks at no extra cost:

  • "Members Only" Affiliate Program - I will earn 75% commissions for every successful referral sale I make to this cool membership site!

And much more... I get all of the above for a one-time fee of just $497 $197.00.

I am protected by your 60 Day 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee Policy. I can test-drive Resell Rights Mastery for two full months after my purchase RISK-FREE!

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To Your Marketing Success!

Edmund Loh
Membership Webmaster


P.S. Don't let this amazing offer pass you by. As other members are also reading this letter, I cannot guarantee that this discounted offer will last forever. I also reserve the right to revoke this offer any anytime. So act now and lock on your membership spot!

Act Now And Secure Instant Access To
Resell Rights Mastery: Enterprise!




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